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Contracting with certainty

Legal certainty is essential.

Contracting with new suppliers is fraught with complexity as often a western contract doesn’t hold much weight in a foreign legal system, so it is critical to have a bi-lingual contract that provides you some basic protection, and is also a strong negotiation tool if things do go wrong.

We have a team of legal professionals well versed in the complexities of contracting in other countries who can assist in constructing a suitable contract that mitigates risk to the maximum and holds the supplier accountable.

Different products require contracts fit for purpose that de-risk the engagement to the maximum

Contracting services

Our contract structure covers the following
  • Overall legal framework.
  • Product specifications.
  • Product standards and certification.
  • Payment terms and procedures.
  • Inspection standards and processes.
  • Shipping processes.
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Compensation clauses & penalties.

Let us improve your business!

Let us provide the certainty you require to succeed in a uncertain environment.