Data gives you a competitive advantage

We are a digital business that uses data analytics to give you a competitive advantage through faster, informed decisions based on real time facts.

One Place for all your information

Take the inconveniences, information delays and headaches out of the process as our platform is easy to navigate and interrogate for information, of customise reports that are sent to you.

Provides Simplicity and Ease of Use

It is intelligent business platform that helps you run your business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-insights, as it tracks projects step by step. The Dashboard provides a quick overview of our all current projects, providing a timeline bar to ensure we track our deadlines accurately. You can drill down into the detail, even down to all thet echnical aspects of the project, like certification and testing.

Enhanced Data Reporting

The secure, easy to use front end allows for the management of the supplier, product development, the shipping process, product management and product testing. It is a transparent, collaborative workspace allowing management, operations, and technical divisions to work seamlessly, including tools to communicate, track, and manage tasks. The platform continually generates data regarding supplier performance, and supply chain risk evaluation, providing visibility of each sourcing activity, thereby allowing you make more informed sourcing decisions.

Robust Activity Management

The Platform facilitates all activities, communication, and timeframes within the various product development stages, from product selection, to shipping handover, through to final delivery. The system is enabled for robust intelligence reporting and dashboard functionality, whilst generating email alerts to ensure all parties involved in the process fulfil their obligations and engage timeously on their part of the project and can be held accountable.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Enables you to identify, evaluate, and mitigate various risks that impede the supply chain, thereby improving compliance. This expedites business performance, reduces excessive spend due to supply chain failures, and helps organisations cope with various external and internal environmental disruptions.

Higher Level of Accountability while executing Sourcing Projects

We showcase the workflow of all sourcing activities and all the stakeholders involved in the process. It enhances the level of visibility, accountability, and compliance of all the relevant stakeholders involved in respective sourcing projects.

Our Quality Solutions

By leveraging the power of automation technology for strategic sourcing, you are empowered to optimise your sourcing.

Our  strategic sourcing platform, called POWER, provides you with a holistic approach, enabling you to manage your end-to-end sourcing requirements and to build a more proactive approach to any supply chain disruptions. By aligning your business goals and requirements to the right suppliers with the right capabilities, you maximise your performance and gain a competitive edge.

Let us improve your business!