Meeting your standards

Quality = quality control + quality assurance

Quality control & assurance is probably the most critical component of direct importing because if you get this element wrong, then you get it properly wrong. So we provide you with the tools to get it right.

Quality, quality, quality…

is our mantra. It’s our continual focus. Adapt allows you to validate your suppliers and oversee the production of your products to mitigate risks and ensure quality. Using our rigorous methodology and systems, combined with highly trained inspectors, we are quickly able to identify issues or quality problems and feedback to you in order to quickly take corrective action and reduce costs.

Our team of highly trained inspectors execute on factory audits and various QC processes, using internationally recognised AQL standards to ensure the products meet your specified requirements.

From our experience, once a product leaves the country of manufacture, it is never going back.

The benefits of working with us
  • Factory verification, audits and evaluation.
  • Sample development & testing processes.
  • Product consulting.
  • Product check lists.
  • SOP Reviews/Code of Conduct.
  • IPQC (In production quality control)
  • Pre-shipment inspection (AQL levels)
  • Loading Inspections.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Risk analysis.

Let us improve your business!

Our focus on quality drives cost savings directly to your bottom line.