Never take anything for granted!

Sourcing from foreign countries is a complex supply environment, as factories range in size, quality, capacity, capability, location, and product range. It can only take one bad deal to potentially put you out of business or severely dent your bottom line.


Shipment Delays

The reasons and the excuses are often endless. Sometimes legitimate, but most often not.


Lost in Translation

Language and cultural expectations are very different so mis-interpretation is common, and the end result is never good.


No Returns

Get it right the first time – as once goods leave a country, they are never coming back. The red tape and cost of trying to send faulty product back is long and prohibitive.


Chinese New Year

The entire supply chain is negatively impacted in the first quarter of every year.


IP Infringements

These are very common as intellectual property rights are not strictly adhered to and often not at all and pursuing in the local courts is usually a worthless exercise.


Defective Products

The final product doesn’t match the samples or your expectations. This can be due to many reasons, from the production process, quality changes due to changing factories, or changing components without your knowledge.


Quality Fade

The quality of the product fades over time, as the factory cuts corners to improve their margins, substitutes components, changes specifications, moves production to a different factory. The reasons are endless.


Surprise Price Increases

After your initial product success, the factory increases prices at a critical time and you are stuck between a rock and a hard place as you have invested serious time, effort and money.


How do you benefit?

Learn how our team offers savings, benefits and service through our strategic sourcing model.

Lower Your Risks

  • Our on the ground experts advise and guide you all the way.
  • Our detailed processes and operating procedures are designed to avoid risky situations.
  • We focus on quality by getting it right the first time.
  • Complete life cycle management means we are fully invested.

Reduce Your Costs

  • Time is money – we find the right supply partner, quickly.
  • We optimise your cost structure by doing the heavy lifting for you.
  • We negotiate the best possible prices with suppliers.
  • better quality means less returns and less after sales service required.

Increase Your Profits

  • We offer a flexible, cost effective, variable billing model. No success, no fee.
  • Speed of setup and execution means your are fully operational and earning

To Be Sustainable

  • We ensure compliance of suppliers and factories with all the necessary sustainability and ethical standards.
  • We agree a Sustainability Plan upfront with all of our customers.

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