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We can’t save the world alone, but we do play our part

Every little but helps when it comes to sustainability. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and believe that our actions speak louder than words.

That’s why we do not only source and develop  new products but also focus on upcycling used electronic devices to drive a sustainable circular economy.

Make a difference

We believe we can make a difference so we are heavily invested in giving devices a second life. We have developed and run numerous device trade in programs, and we source and refurbish devices for numerous customers.

Understanding a products origin, how it was made and what went into a product is a priority to today’s consumers. They want to know that products are made in a ethical way and that sustainability is a key part of the products DNA. Lip service no longer cuts it!

We work with you on your sustainability strategy and execute on your behalf to ensure that suppliers meet the right standards. We provide you with all the reporting to ensure you have peace of mind.

We recognise the responsibility for ensuring the working conditions under which our customers’ products are manufactured and all people involved in the manufacturing process should be treated fairly and ethical work practices are adhered to at all times.

Our Checks
  • Our suppliers must have a Sustainability Plan, addressing waste reduction and emissions, hazardous material as well as recycling.
  • All suppliers must follow the national laws relating to manufacturing as well as international standards such as ILO and Unicef.
  • We do not accept Child Labour, based on the UN Convention protecting the rights of children, article 32.1.
  • Compensation should be paid directly to the employee and must exceed the legal minimum.
  • Working hours should not exceed the legal minimum standards.
  • Health & Safety – the working environment should be safe and sound, with machinery and equipment having been fully tested and compliant with local safety standards.

Let us improve your business!

Let us help create your sustainable product sourcing process and in so doing sustain your business and the environment.