Use our experience and insight

Procurement Intelligence

Through our experience and insights into the market we can help you maximise opportunities, minimise risks and enable you to make effective procurement decisions.

Market volatility causes significant challenges to procurement managers. To deliver value to the business it is critical to have insight into the current cost and market dynamics of key categories and raw materials, together with early warnings of potential market risks.

We filter out what is relevant and reliable to support effective decision making. From an initial  market analysis to support your strategy development to regular updates to inform your ongoing buying decisions, we give you deep insights as to what is happening on the ground.

The benefits of working with us
  • We continually analyse your end to end Supply Chain in relation to the market, and the broader macro environment.
  • We do regular risk assessments on the entire Supply Chain and potential impacts.
  • We provide regular reports and direct feedback on important changes that will impact supply and propose remedial actions.
  • Our on the ground team are continually assessing and communicating what’s happening on the ground – we fill in the missing pieces.

Let us improve your business!

Through critical insights we reduce your risks and maximise your opportunities.